Thursday, November 30, 2006

Around this time 2 years ago they thought it was bronchitis

While no national studies have yet been done, many lung cancer specialists say they're seeing a disturbing trend of more and more non-smoking women with the disease.

"Many of them have done an excellent job of taking care of themselves," said Dr. Joan Schiller, who specializes in lung cancer in non-smoking younger women at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "They run. They eat right."

Ten percent to 15 percent of lung cancer victims are non-smokers. Among that group, women are two to three times more likely than men to get the disease. Doctors don't know why. Hormones, second-hand smoke, diet and air pollution all are believed to be factors.
Though lung cancer is deadlier to women than other types of cancer, breast cancer gets almost 10 times more research funding per death than lung cancer, Schiller said.

"These women are tragic victims of the fact that they have a disease that is associated with smoking," Schiller added.

Adding to the deadliness of lung cancer, the symptoms, which include shortness of breath and a chronic cough, often are misdiagnosed as asthma.

FromABC News

More recent NYTimes Article and this is just from a few weeks ago

Life really is unfair. Some 20,000 people a year with lung cancer, and they've never even tasted the butt of a cigarette. Even more unfair: no one knows why ...
That's the observation reported in the San Francisco Chronicle late last week, in a survey of oncologists detailed to research on incidences of lung cancer. There's also another layer of unfairness laid onto the story: "women are particularly at risk" of contracting lung cancer, even in the absence of cigarette smoke.
This observation is quite stark in Asian countries, where very few women smoke, observes Stanford University School of Medicine's Dr. Heather Wakelee. For example, about a third of lung cancer cases in Singapore are in nonsmokers, "and most of those are women".


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