Monday, September 19, 2005

Hi I'm mean to interns

I interned on The View about 5 years ago. This was before Star had her stomach stapled and was married to a big gay.
Back then she would get mad if bacon wasn't outside her dressing room door upon her arrival in the morning.
She also made an intern lotion her legs. The horror of that still haunts me.
From that internship I left respecting Meredith and Joy so much more. Star, well I could write many more horror stories.

Love this photo

For some reason this post got deleted.
Love this photo so much! Although I know Jennifer is on pregnancy leave from the L Word currently and is married, I admire a woman that is open enough to play diverse roles and can take some great edgy photos.

Emmy Love

Marcia Cross looked beautiful last night. I love her. I have loved her since good old Melrose Place days when she played Kimberly. One of the best scenes in last 20 years was when she took off her fake head of hair only to reveal the large scar all around her head. Classic Melrose Place! If only that show was on DVD already. I mean how can it not be? They re-released that stupid Superman show when Teri Hatcher won a Golden Globe, why no Melrose?
Although Marcia didn't win an Emmy I am happy Felicity Hufman won. Gotta love a character that is a pill popping mom dealing with 3 kids at home. She plays the character so well and also seems like a genuinely down to earth person. There was much to do about Marcia over the past few months. Some rumors of her being gay and also that she was pretty pissed about how ABC handled Teri winning the Golden Globe. What isn't well known is that after Melrose Marcia became a licensed psychologist. I can't imagine going to a therapist and realizing wow I'm talking to Kimberly! That would have been kind of freaky. Marica is also big into helping out the gays. She is always attending gay themed fundraisers. I really admire people in Hollywood that appreciate and acknowledge that they are a gay icon and with that aren't ashamed to go to different fundraisers/parties/events. She has been doing that since the early 90s, before it became so accepted so I have to give her a shout out for that as well.

Also old GCOW Marg was in attendance. She is looking fab but I have to say I am missing her less blonde hair. Overall quite beautiful tho.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Welcome to the Johnson's

This month marks my 10th year anniversary of living in New York City.With that I decided that I am going to begin reminiscing of some of my favorite places in the city. First up is one of my favorite bars and winner for grossest bathroom I've seen in awhile, Welcome to the Johnson's.
I went here last week and remembered back when the Lower East Side and East Village had bars as far as the eye could see with bathrooms no more cleaner than this. Is it gross that I miss that? I love a good dive bar that has no pretentiousness, cheap drinks, good mixed clientelle and plays really good music. The bathroom reminds me of what Coney Island High used to be or what CBGB's bathroom is like. Gotta love that there was piss already in it when I got in there too.

Like this isn't a given already...

Must be a slow news week over in England.
As my co-worker said this is as shocking as Boy George being gay.
Thanks Gawker for the image

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I love Canada

Liz and I rented a house 45 minutes outside of Quebec in Berthier sur Mer. It was beautiful, quiet, peaceful and just plain amazing. Although there were about 3 car tire breakdowns fun was still to be had. Went to a small town 4 hours north of Quebec called Lac au Saumon (Lake of Salmon for you non-Frenchies) and had the best pizza known to man. It was even better than Front Row which I didn't think was possible.

While we were there the entire Katrina disaster occured. It was great to hear Canadian news outlets basically ripping the US a new one but also very embarressing. I mean this country is just such an embarrassment to me. I couldn't believe how people in Canada are just so much more relaxed, have so many more farms and I saw maybe 2-3 SUVs and they were all from US visitors!! I really wish I was able to go down and help out. I have donated money but still wish I could lend some helping hands or something more!