Friday, March 04, 2005


i am obsessed with this blog . i love a good snarky gossip site and i just discovered this one recently and it has become my new obsession.
i saw a segment on good morning america that was about mother/daughter bonding vacations. the woman talking clearly was all excited to be on tv and talk about all the great things she had dragged her daughter on and her daughter looked embarressed. the one trip she mentioned is pretty much what i would go on in my nightmares. i hate dolls. they scare the shit out of me and i can think of nothing worse then going on a weekend custom designed for your american girl doll . nevermind i find these dolls to be a bit sterotypical and just wrong. has anyone seen this catalog? they take stereotypes to a whole other level but i guess kids are obsessed with them. this christmas i saw about a million parents with the trademark red bags in hand hoping to get their kids off their backs with the damn dolls. this weekend getaway has specialized robes and chairs for the dolls to participate in all activities. get the doll a haircut! go to the spa with it! isn't this scary and disturbing to anyone? the photo on the page is enough to insure that it will pop up in my nightmares.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

first entry

yay i finally did it, i got off my ass and created on of those blog things i have been hearing about!